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4 Stars

It is very suitable to match my mini pad, that is, the outer packaging is loaded with a little damage during the transportation process, and the product inside is intact.I am a little picky.

works fine

All works fine, soft to the touch, better than many keyboards from laptop.

Takes getting used to

The keys on the top row are all shifted to the left a little bit. And the shift increases, the further to the right you get. So, letters I type with my left hand, on the top row are at an odd angle. Also, the right shift key is further right, so I keep accidentally hitting the up arrow when trying to press shift.
Another annoyance is the caps lock key. For some reason, when I press it I get a menu that changes the keyboard from letters to emoji symbols to another language that I have installed on my phone. Haven't figured that one out yet. Fortunately, I will probably use the Emoji keys more than I actually need something to be in all caps.
Otherwise, it's great. I like the hard case. I like that it's compatible with multiple devices with different operating systems. I like that the charge lasts forever.