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Great price and even better product!

I wish I had ordered this earlier! We live in an older house that isn't exactly cooperative with our internet provider and therefore the Wifi signal isn't always the best in the back of the house. I'm not exactly the most technology savvy individual, so I was a little worried in regards to the software installation. I was quite pleased that my laptop picked it up immediately, and I didn't have to install the software included. Since I began using this adapter, I haven't had any connection issues and the lag is gone.

Used on Oppo BDP-103

Used on an Oppo BDP-103. Couldn't find the Oppo Wifi unit after a move so I wrote and asked Oppo if any other units would work. They suggested this one and one other. The other one was out of stock so I got this one.
Works fine. Plug in, go to settings on the Oppo and set it up. Done.
Life saver

Works great - no more choppy signal for hd video streaming.

Purchased in Like-new condition and it arrived in two days in excellent condition. I used to get a three to four bar signal strength (out of five) and 150 Mbps with the internal wireless N card of an eight-year old Lenovo T-410 laptop. After installing a USB 3.0 smartcard adapter and using the desktop dock for optimal placement, I'm now getting a five-bar signal and consistent 585 Mbps from our ASUS RT-AC68U router that's 40 feet away upstairs. If I plug the Netgear A6210 without desktop dock into a USB 2.0 port I get a consistent 300 Mbps. When not using the desktop dock on the USB 3.0 port, my connection varies from 300 Mbps to 585 Mbps depending on location downstairs (3500 sq ft home). I'm very happy with this product!

Speed up an old PC

Our old PC is only capable of 2.4G with it's internal Wifi card. This adapter allows me to utilize our 5G speed. I get a 12ms ping and very high download speed in an enclosed oak cabinet . I would recommend trying to get online first and download the latest drivers before installing the adapter if at all possible. Using the install disc did not work well for me (user error?)Once the latest drivers were downloaded installation was a snap.

This is an amazing Wi-Fi Adapter

This is an amazing Wi-Fi Adapter! This gives me very fast internet. I would highly recommend buying this product. Also use EVERYTHING in the package. You Must use the Adapter itself, and the separate usb cord. This adapter has no problems running multiple applications at once, and it's more than capable to run games. (Written by Julie's Son.)